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Camping Cabins

Glamping Cabins - try Before You Buy

Try before you buy camping cabins
Embarking on a new tourism venture can be a daunting prospect.  Will customers want to visit?  How will it impact our property?  I need to experience it to understand it.


These are all typical concerns and questions raised by managers at existing attractions wanting to expand, and by land owners considering diversifying into a glamping business.  In response to this we've developed a portable Country Cabin that can be towed to and from sites on the road and if need be moved around a property.  This means that potential operators can test the impact and feasibility of Country Cabins, safe in the knowledge that they needn't commit until they are certain that it will be successful on their property.


In conjunction with this technical advancement we've created a selection of lease packages that enable new customers to test the concept without having to commit to outright purchase.  If, at the end of the lease period, the business is thriving they can either extend the lease or buy the units to keep.  A 5 year lease is just £195 per month with much shorter options available and in some cases, where the location meets our criteria, we will explore a joint venture arrangement.  The rental payments are calculated as a proportion of occupancy, thereby giving the operator guaranteed profitability from the moment the first guests check in.


It's never been easier to generate income from those attractive corners of your property that suffer poor yields such as woodland and sloping ground.  Lease packages are limited and subject to qualification. To find out more email