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There's no Glamour in Glamping without an Ensuite Bathroom

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You may remember the days when you'd have to walk from your hotel bedroom along the corridor to a shared bathroom.  These days, it would be unthinkable for a reputable hotel to expect its guests to share a bathroom, yet that's exactly what many visitors to glamping sites experience.  Comfy beds and oppulent interior design may be in abundance, but if guests have to leave the comfort of their tent, pod or cabin to have a wee, it's hard to justify a premium rate.


Furthermore, shared bathroom facilities are bad for business.  Having to walk to the toilet is the number one reason would-be glampers don't commit to booking.  Those that do often rate their experience on the quality of the washrooms above the surroundings, styling or activities. 


Our glamping cabins have been designed to accommodate a pristine white WC and even a hot shower, still leaving plenty of space to stretch out and sleep or cuddle up in front of a flaming stove.


For operators, the cost of installing a separate shower and toilet block is often greater than providing an ensuite bathroom in their glamping unit, especially when the expense of hourly checking and cleaning is taken into account.  Sadly, most safari tents, camping pods and yurts aren't large enough or strong enough to house the required shower, toilet and hand basin.  Camping Cabins have been  designed from the outset to incorporate an off grid toilet and, where required, a shower.


Even if mains power, water and drainage isn't readily available we've researched workable solutions so that even the most remote glamping cabin will be as comfortable as a modern home.  Put the real glamour into your glamping experience by insisting on ensuite bathrooms.


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