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Camping Cabins

The Evolution of the Camping Pod

camping pod
Camping Pods first came into existence as semi-permanent tent-like structures.  They could be placed on existing tent pitches and rented out to campers on a nightly basis. 


Campers would provide their own bedding, cookware etc. and simply save on the effort of transporting and erecting their own tent.


Simultaneously, in the Sunday newspapers, travel writers began talking about 'glamping' at festivals and on farms.  Glamping combines the style and sophistication of a boutique hotel with the close-to-nature feel of sleeping under canvas. 


As glamping has increased in popularity so have the expectations of glampers.  Where at one time people were happy to forego a shower for a few days, share a toilet with their neighbours and squeeze into a pod the size of an estate car,  a succession of wet summers has created a demand for an altogether more weather-proof and glamorous glamping experience.


In response to this more discerning glamper we developed a roomier unit, more of a
cabin than a pod, large enough for four people to shelter from the weather or sleep in comfort. 


Not as big as a cottage and more authentic than a static caravan, it's made of wood, insulated and double glazed.  Our Camping Cabins can be furnished to suit your market with fold-down bunks, a toilet and a shower.


Thanks to advances in solar technology and an ingenious off-grid toilet there's no need to connect to mains services and the addition of a wood burning stove can give warmth all year round and provide a means of cooking indoors. camping pods


The camping pod has evolved into a camping cabin.  Inspired by the waterside weekend retreats favoured by the Scandinavians and the bachs found across New Zealand, these modest structures are designed to sit within nature, allowing the flora and fauna to take centre stage.


Whilst well suited to existing camp sites they fit just as well amongst the trees and in the meadows of a farm or large garden.


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